Card 2 – You have chosen Anger

Before you read the message, let the card speak to you first.


When you feel angry towards another you are actually angry at something within yourself that triggered the feeling. Often you then project the Anger and judgment onto another. The truth is whenever you don’t want to accept your emotions you deny and suppress an important part of yourself, which then goes into hiding, affecting you on a subconscious level. The Anger and the fear of expressing Anger still exist. But denial is only delay. The   effort  of   hiding   your  feelings   just  increases   the energy, making the feeling stronger and more distorted, causing misunderstandings and inappropriate behavior. You need to acknowledge your Anger. You need to own your Anger and take responsibility for it. Allow yourself to feel those emotions, breathe consciously through them – slowly and deep – and observe how they lose their grip and intensity more and more. This is how you can become free.

(Anger has a wide spectrum from slight irritations, to judgment, betrayal, resentment and rage.)