Card 2 – You have chosen Love

Before you read the message, let the card speak to you first.


While focusing your love on somebody else, you may have felt the deepest form of betrayal when they left you.  But true  Love  resides  over  everything.  True   Love is the Love of you.  The Love from you to each part of you is like a beautiful butterfly unfolding its wings. Love expands consciousness and you are Love. When you claim this deep place of Love within yourself you can see it within others and feel a new depth of connection. When you know true Love you simply radiate it like roses do. This Omnipresent Love has no demands, it has no agenda. Love does not control nor does Love fear, Love just wants to express Love. When that happens then “Peace will guide the planet, and Love will steer the stars… this is the Dawning of” a New Love!