Card 3 – You have chosen Oneness

Before you read the message,
let the card speak to you first.


Open your heart and listen to the song of timeless Oneness within your core being! When you feel Oneness within you, there is no longer a concept of God or a seeking of it, as you are living it in every moment. When you feel Oneness within you, you are in Oneness with everything – every living being – and as it is part of the Oneness, it is part of you. When you let yourself be fed by the grand river of Oneness, you augment your vibrational patterns. And in that, you expand into increased coherency and a time-space continuum, where the sequence and timing of events become more fluid, experiencing your transcendent nature. In your own Oneness you are free of any resistance ever so slightly, and you understand how the tapestry of everything is woven.