Card 3 – You have chosen Remember

Before you read the message,
let the card speak to you first.


Wake up from your deep hypnotic sleep and Remember the beautiful presence of the Divine Feminine within. Awaken this internal source of energy and stop hiding your essence, stop feeling small and release all victimhood. When you resist your Divine Feminine energy – even as a man – you then negate the flow of life itself. Can you Remember being sensual, sexual and spiritual as a celebration of life? Can you release the old indoctrinated dogmas of guilt, shame, feeling dirty or doing something wrong? All this is holding you back. Nurture yourself in your joyousness of choosing to feel alive. Express your love while claiming your sensuality in an exuberant dance of life. The Divine Feminine wants you to Remember the magnificent being you are meant to be. Allow for the ‘ancient’ Remembrance to return!