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REIKI Principles using the Sacred Awakening Cards

Like one side of a diamond, this e-Book is a multi-faceted way of using the Sacred Awakening Cards for people from different spiritual paths and walks of life. Daily inspirations and affirmations are provided to practice the Reiki principles, and beautiful images of the Sacred Awakening cards will enhance the experience.

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Carla Morningstar, an Usui Reiki Practitioner for 20 years and a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher for 2 years and Sa’arah E. Felix, Usui Reiki master since 1998, came together and created this e-Book for Reiki practitioners and participants, or anybody who would like to apply these principles combined with beautiful imagery.
In the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki the Christ Consciousness energy is very predominant, as well as the presence of the Masters. These cards were created with the guidance of The Ascended Masters, especially St. Germain, and are therefore highly attuned to ‘higher principles’ and energies, and are supporting any Reiki practitioners or participants on their journey.
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Meditation e-Book to come

I am exited to create an e-Book for your Meditation practice, which is already in the process. We will use certain images from my card deck which contains symbols, sacred geometry, energies and information to enhance the experience.