Change Your Perspective & Transform Your Life

Sa’arah offers Spiritual Coaching for Personal Growth and Spiritual Alignment combined with Reiki & Energy Transmission either in person or via skype. A change in perspective, behavior, or response creates a shift so you can see the world anew. Are you at a crossroad? Have decisions to make? Have habits you want to change? Want to participate in new relationships? Heal your body?


Trial Session $110


Committed Sessions (4 weeks) $399



Whatever you desire to change, core beliefs and life structures are most likely in the way of any change that cannot be made easily. Unrecognized aspects of consciousness are the blueprint of cellular memory or pain of ego, but it is also the ‘unrecognized light of divinity’.

Everything is divinity, but there are parts that are the survivors of pain, abuse and loss, and it doesn’t know its divine. It is like the light hiding in the darkness. So often, in order to change something, we disrespect the thing we’re trying to heal. But the way out is to respect it compassionately and lovingly.

As we work with the Sacred Awakening cards, we will uncover the subconscious mind, or the body of unconsciousness, while you’ll experience a deeper awareness, a broader understanding, clarity and depths of your patterns and tendencies and guiding them back into the light.

This is not an intellectual journey, and yet, on a mental level you may understand your issues. You need to abandon the intellectual level momentarily to take a spiritual journey of Sacred Awakening. It is then that the changes you so want to make can occur more easily and naturally, combined with a practical plan for how you will change your life.

This can give you the strength and courage to step away from the well-worn circular path to explore the untried paths that lie beyond it. And from there you’ll move into the next step of your life.


Change Your Perspective & Transform Your Life

Trial Session for 90 min. for $110
A combination of Awareness Reading, Spiritual & Life Coaching, and Reiki & Energy Transmission.

Committed Sessions of 4 for 90 min. for 4 weeks for $399
Sa’arah has been inspired by different teachings and has created a synthesis of them. All sessions are guided by intuition and love, and designed to promote clarity, integration and reshaping life.

The tools for the sessions are Meditation, Spiritual Guidance Reading, Spiritual Mentoring, Life Enhancement Coaching, Reiki & Energy Transmission, Re-Alignment, Healing Symbol, Synergy Mist, Mudras, Breathing, and more.  All the sessions are one and one half hours a week for four weeks via Skype.

Once you’ve signed up for the sessions you will receive a FREE Sacred Awakening Card Deck, Synergy Mist, and a Healing Symbol for supporting your journey. (A $60 value, free shipping within the US)


The results are a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upgrade while stepping more into empowerment and towards your desired goals.

Spiritual Guidance Reader & Life Enhancement Coach
Reiki Master & Energy Transmission

All programs are fully paid in advance and while there is an opportunity to reschedule a session with 48 hours notice, there is no refund for missed sessions or cancellation of the program.