Readings – Sacred Awakening Cards – Readings combined with Healing Touch

Weekly Card 


Awaken your Passion from the depth of you. Unleash your Passionate desire and be free of shame about your wildness because it is your birthright to feel expanded joy and heightened pleasure. Know that you are safe now,  and be willing to accept these energies as a force of nature at work. These dormant energies within you are being called forth. Uncover your Passion and embrace it  guided    by    your   deepest    knowing   and    expanded awareness. Celebrate your Passion and ride the wildness of your inner tiger to a new Passion for life!

Reading for Deeper Awareness

– Become clear of situations and issues ,,,
– Soften engrained and compressed energies ,,,
– Make Peace with it and release ,,,
– Become comfortable with your next step, feel supported, and make that change ,,,

I use my self-developed cards as a ‘visual map’, as they will uncover the subconscious mind (patterns and tendencies) and connect one with ‘higher frequencies’ or soul. They bring more awareness, clarity and guidance into any situation or issue.

I then let my intuition come through, in assistance for a deeper understanding and of what is ‘really’ going on. The cards describe the core values and issues of the asked question, the current state, potentials and where it is heading. This can give you the strength and courage to move forward to your next step.

The questions can be asked about:
–       Love
–       Relationship
–       Business
–       Home
–       Health
–       and more

$20 Reading for 30 minutes.
Full Reading 60-90 minutes,

with a sliding scale of $50 to $85    BUY NOW

The Readings are done in person,
by skype or by phone.










Reading combined with Healing Touch 

I am using the Sacred Awakening Cards for a Reading to reveal the subconscious mind and deeper clarity.

massage-headThrough Reiki & Energy Transmission these aspects or blueprint of cellular memory will be guided back into the light. The Healing Touch will be on your feet, hands, neck and head (maybe other areas) in combination with Essential Oils and a Crystal Chakra Balancing.

The results are a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upgrade while stepping more into empowerment.
All sessions are guided by intuition and love, and designed to promote clarity, integration and reshaping life.

I am available in Haiku.
We also can do the session via Skype and with Reiki distant healing.

Reading & Healing Touch 60-90 minutes,
with a sliding scale of $50 to $85
                                                               BUY NOW


SACRED AWAKENING Cards – Tarot/Oracle for Life

A Higher Consciousness of unconditional Love and Oneness with your Self!
These cards support your Spiritual Transformation and Evolution, and are for your life enhancement.

They help to shift your awareness, are a tool for daily living, a source to connect with Higher Principles and to expand more into multi-dimensional awareness. 

You can use them for:

  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Opening the heart and activating a deeper wisdom of love.
  • Awakening the intuition and bringing in guidance from higher consciousness.
  • Increasing clarity and giving your deeper thoughts.
  • Opening to trust and a graceful abundant flow.
  • Deepening Self-Awareness and tools for daily living.

Each card is infused with Higher Consciousness and New Energy, acting like a ‘Gateway’ and holding information that is unraveled and experienced over time. The breath-taking cards are symbolized in a formless Sacred Geometry reminding you of your Higher Consciousness Guidance.




The deck contains 67 cards 3.5″x5″
with guidebook
all nicely packaged
for $29 plus free shipping within USA.   



PS: You can also purchase beautiful prints of these cards.    BUY NOW


How my little story came about

It all started on Kauai, Hawaii with a clear vision in 2007 which lead me to this. In the early 2000’s, I painted a symbolic picture for my dance classes. At a healing gathering a woman who is very sensitive to energies approached me saying; “This picture is very healing and I could look at it for hours. You should paint more!” Wow, I was surprised, and yes I opened up for more information to be downloaded and painted.

And then, the clear vision in 2007 ,,, of creating my own ‘Tarot’ cards!
I never ever would have thought of doing something like this. But the vision was so clear, there where no doubts about it.

I began to work on the cards without having a concept. I just trusted and created the cards, which are a fusion of my paintings with superimposed photos, pictures and symbols. While I created them I always felt a loving presence. Later on I learned that the Ascended Masters are behind the cards, and especially St. Germain, weaving their energies into the cards.

Et voila, the deck containing 67 cards was created over a time period of several years. And from here it grew to what it is today.