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Card of this week ,,,

(I believe we had this one lately as well ,,,, mmmh, seams to be in the collective ,,,::))

As love just is, the Is-ness of The All That Is cannot be defined, only experienced. You are part of the ‘Is’ and the ‘Is’ is part of you. It is the all inclusive energy of  Divine Love. You are a derivative of this Divine Love but when you separated from the Is-ness of the Universe   you fragmented into smaller sparks. You began to define your world in ways borne of the dualistic ego-mind, therefore, limited. Know that the presence of the Isness is everywhere around you and within you. When you allow the purity of the Isness to look through you at everything and everybody as light and life expressed in its various forms, you then feel the peaceful presence of the Isness within your being.

Reading for Deeper Awareness

– Become clear of situations and issues ,,,
– Soften engrained and compressed energies ,,,
– Make Peace with it and release ,,,
– Become comfortable with your next step, feel supported, and make that change ,,,

I use my self-developed cards as a ‘visual map’, as they will uncover the subconscious mind (patterns and tendencies) and connect one with ‘higher frequencies’ or soul. They bring more awareness, clarity and guidance into any situation or issue.

I then let my intuition come through, in assistance for a deeper understanding and of what is ‘really’ going on. The cards describe the core values and issues of the asked question, the current state, potentials and where it is heading. This can give you the strength and courage to move forward to your next step.

The questions can be asked about:
–       Love
–       Relationship
–       Business
–       Home
–       Health
–       and more

$30 Reading for 30 minutes.
Full Reading 60-90 minutes,

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The Readings are done by skype,
but can be in person or by phone as well.