About Sa’arah

I moved to the Hawaiian Islands in 1997, and felt nourished by the islands’ energies. Saarah_3This supported me in discovering my essence, to shine it through more brightly, and expressing more my authenticity. I express myself through channeled communications and visions in the Language of Light. I was told by Leianala who channels Pele, that my connections are ancient going all the way to Lemuria or Mu, and  that my past life Hawaiian age-old name was Ka’a Mu Nani.

How my cards came about:

It all started on Kauai, Hawaii with a clear vision in 2007 which lead me to this. In the early 2000’s, I painted a symbolic picture for my dance classes. At a healing gathering a woman who is very sensitive to energies approached me saying; “This picture is very healing and I could look at it for hours. You should paint more!” Wow,,, I was surprised, and yes I opened up for more information to be downloaded and painted.

Saarah_4And then, the clear vision in 2007 ,,,. I remember, it was a rainy day, actually a whole week, in January on Kauai. I was sitting in the bedroom when I received this clear vision showing me to create a ‘Tarot’ deck. Wow, never thought of doing anything like that, of creating my own ‘Tarot’ cards!
But the vision was so clear, there where no doubts about it.

I felt exited and was all up for it. I began to work on the cards without having a concept.

Creating my own ‘Tarot’ deck was actually a huge project I was not aware of at that time. The entire development took me way longer then I thought. Although I just started and was doing what felt right. I scanned the paintings I already had, and superimposing images and symbols …  learning Photoshop by doing. I just trusted and created the cards, which are a fusion of my paintings with superimposed photos, pictures and symbols.

A journey very beautiful, shape shifting and deepening into myself. Whenever I worked on the cards – expressing the feelings and insights I received into a manifest form – I always felt a loving presence and felt immersed in an “invisible” energy guiding me in their creation. Later on I learned that the Ascended Masters are behind the cards, and especially St. Germain, weaving their energies into the cards.

Et voila, the deck containing 67 cards was created over a time period of several years. When I asked the benevolent being Kartron about my cards, Patrick McCormic channeled the following: “These are not ordinary tarot cards, each of them is a gateway…”
And from here it grew to what it is today.

“You are a priestess of Mu [Lemuria], shine your rays of light brightly. You are an old soul with profound wisdom to be shared.”  Yeshua and Mother Mary channelded by Charmian Redwood

What I have done in the metaphysical art ,,,Saarah_5

  • Reiki level I and II in Switzerland 1991
  • Metamorphosis healing facilitator in Switzerland 1994
  • Kahuna Healing training in Germany 1996/1997
  • Reiki Master in Hawaii 1998
  • Kunlun Nei Gung TM facilitator in Hawaii 2009
  • I participated in various spiritual seminars, did fire walking various times and each time it was amazing, attained spirit healings, and follow different online group channelings and teachings.

My practice weave together all of my gifts and teachings to open the portal to higher consciousness. I am empowering people to connect with spirit, holding a sacred and heartfelt space ,,, to Remember and Awaken more.

Mahalo & Thank You

If you wanna know little bit more about myself ,,,

DANCE: When I was living on Kauai I was holding a weekly dance space for over one year. I was holding a space where people could connect with their heart and soul and expressing themselves from this space. Meditation and inner reflection was part of it, combined with releasing ‘old’ patterns and expressing the ‘pain and joy’ through movement. I created a safe space where they had permission to express in their unique way of who they are.

TRAVELS: When I was 19 I began to travel to further countries. Like Senegal in Africa, the mysterious and controversial India, Nepal with its amazing Himalayas, Sri Lanka also known as Switzerland of the East, Canada, USA, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey where the east meets the west, Brazil with its various faces and and amazing crystals, Morocco with the Camels, the Sahara and its nomadic tribes, the Caribbean with lovely sand beaches and palm trees, and European countries. For six years I lived around the Mediterranean Sea in France and Italy ,,, back in Switzerland and then Hawaii.

Each culture affected me in various ways and showed me different ways of living. I remembered, ‘remembered’ as having lived in certain places before. Even when I was back in Switzerland for a few years working in the ‘corporate world’ I experienced the existence of these ‘other worlds’. Past lives with co-workers, bosses, CEO ,,, and flash backs, déjà vue.
At that time I met a woman who thought ‘Kahuna Healing’. Taking this training I remembered that as a child I had a very strong affinity with the pacific islands ,,, always looked them up in the Atlas! and were fascinated. And this was the initial calling to Hawaii.

HAWAII: When I was living on Kauai I took on a few different names throughout the years and went into ancient remembering; the priestess-hood, temples of Isis, temple dancer and into Lemurian and Egyptian lives. The names felt like a ‘gateways’ into those lives.

At some point I made the choice that I want to be more grounded and live more in this world. What some people may call the embodiment of it all ,,,