Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Aloha Beautiful,

We are at the beginning of a new year, with an amazing first full moon. We may have resolutions, want to manifest things, create things, etc. for the year to come.

But how do we create things, how do we manifest?
I know books have been written about this, but I would love to share one of my experiences.

Daydreaming ,,,

Have you ever noticed that when you just ‘play’ around, just dream around, that things might come in more easily?  Instead of having ‘serious’ intentions, and sometimes intensity behind our desires or what we would like to have, I noticed that when I just play around and don’t be too serious about it, it seems to happen more easily.

One experience of mine, was stroke quite striking: I was still living on Kauai and I had a van. The odometer didn’t work for months or even a year. I may have driven a couple more thousand miles on it, and wondered how I would sell it without the odometer working?  People could say it could have 160K instead of just about 130K.

So I was driving in my van and had that thought: “Wow if the odometer would work again, that would make it much easier for me to sell it!” That day went on, and I don’t remember anymore how many days later, but believe or not, the odometer started to work again! And kept working! This totally struck me ,,, I was actually blown away, even kind of scary, because this is something so tangible and obvious, at least in my reality.
Daydreaming ,,, maybe thats the way to go ,,, have fun with it! I still keep working or better playing at it, and sometimes it feels like magic.

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