Here is One of my Ways of using the Sacred Awakening cards

Here is One of my Ways of using the Sacred Awakening cards

I have a little stack of cards from my deck with my favored cards. These are the images I am drawn to the most, and these are 22 (at this moment in time). When I feel a little emotional, sad, frustrated or whatever, I pick them up and ask where do I focus my energy right now, or what’s going on. When I feel ‘peachy’ often I ask what’s the card for today.

For three days in a row the ‘Sans Definition’ card showed up. Three days in a row picking the same card ,,, mmmmh. I feel ‘the intervention’ from Angels, Masters, St. Germain strongly here, even when there are ‘only’ 22 cards to choose from.

And then for 5 consecutive days the card ‘Trust’ showed up. I never had that before. And then it comes even better, a week later again ‘Sans Definition’ for three consecutive days.

I guess Spirit really wants to tell me something. Trusting in me and into my expansion?

Perhaps we can use all these ‘interesting’ energies on the planet as a catalyst. We may have to go through a phase of feeling alone, maybe even desperate, and yet knowing that one day we will come out the other side, so that the new energetic attraction is with deeper awareness.

So give yourself the love you always wanted, the tenderness, sweetness and nurturing of YourSelf! Not only in this month of love but from now on more and more ,,,

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