Innocent Papaya

Innocent Papaya

This papaya was given to me by a woman friend, and I don’t think she saw what I saw.

Once I got home and looked at the papaya in the light … oh my, what a beautiful surprise!
I had to smile! Nature is so amazing, how things look when we view them 
more closely.
Quite unique.


This amazingly beautiful papaya reminded me of my card ‘Sacredness’! 

The Feminine Sacredness.
This painting came about when I still lived on Kauai, as a friend there asked me to
paint a yoni.

Here is the result of the innocent sacredness, to be claimed and re-established once again. We are the only ones who can give it to ourselves.

Love yourself for who You are! You are a unique expression of ‘the One’. Trust, and stay in your most radiant presence, your beauty and love for you.

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