Reading for Deeper Awareness

Positive Affirmations ,,, Mystical ,,,  a tool for Guidance, deeper Awareness and Love ,,

– Become clear of situations and issues ,,,
– Soften engrained and compressed energies ,,,
– Make Peace with it and release ,,,
– Become comfortable with your next step, feel supported, and make that change ,,,

Price: $50 for 60 to 90 minutes

(This reading is on a sliding scale of $50-$85 and you can decide at the end your full amount)

Price: $30 for 30 minutes


I use my self-developed cards as a ‘visual map’, as they will uncover the subconscious mind (patterns and tendencies) and connect one with ‘higher frequencies’ or soul. They bring more awareness, clarity and guidance into any situation or issue.


I then let my intuition come through, in assistance for a deeper understanding and of what is ‘really’ going on. The cards describe the core values and issues of the asked question, the current state, potentials and where it is heading. This can give you the strength and courage to move forward to your next step.

Love is the answer …




The questions can be asked about:
–       Love
–       Relationship
–       Business
–       Home
–       Health
–       and more

$30 for 30 minutes.
Full Reading 60-90 minutes with a sliding scale of $50 – $85.

The Readings are done by skype, but can be in person or by phone as well.




“Your cards are incredible … and you strike me as a reader who is not doing a regular card reading, but as a spiritual worker who is doing energetic work.” Medium Carole from Boston

“All during the reading with Sa’arah I could feel an invisible support and a deep listening coming from within. It gave me a great sense of courage. I knew I could move forward and act upon the information revealed to me. Her loving presence is a real gift.” Lynne, Denver CO

“I was recently introduced to the Sacred Awakening deck by a friend in whose home I am staying.  We both have gotten so much out of using this deck!  We usually consult it daily.  The readings are so deep and the images seem to bypass my mind and inform me on a much deeper level.  I especially love the Celtic Cross 11-card layout that Sa’arah suggests, as it gives me a richly textured understanding and connection with the truth within me.  In these intense times of transformation, where I sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused, this is my go-to deck to connect to my capacities and my courage.” Leslie O’Neill, Oregon/HawaiI