Positive Affirmations ,,, Mystical ,,,  a tool for Guidance, deeper Awareness and Love ,,,

These cards help to shift your awareness, are a tool for daily living, a source to connect with Higher Principles and to expand more into multi-dimensional awareness. A Higher Consciousness of unconditional Love and Oneness with your Self ,,,  and a tool for your life enhancement.

(They normally sell for $29. I only have a few left; please be aware these ones have some printing defects, usually only a few cards and therefore are only $17)

Price: $17

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You can use them for:

  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Opening the heart and activating a deeper wisdom of love.
  • Awakening the intuition and bringing in guidance from higher consciousness.
  • Increasing clarity and giving your deeper thoughts.
  • Opening to trust and a graceful abundant flow.
  • Deepening Self-Awareness and tools for daily living.


The deck contains 67 cards 3.5″x 5″ along with a guide book, all nicely packaged.

You can buy prints of the artwork of the cards. “These are Ascension Art, Healing Art, they have Light Codes,,,” Theresa Monro – Teacher of the Rays of Light     Click here to see them

My little story how it came about:
It all started on Kauai, Hawaii with a clear vision in 2007 which lead me to this. In the early 2000’s, I painted a symbolic picture for my dance classes. At a healing gathering a woman who is very sensitive to energies approached me saying; “This picture is very healing and I could look at it for hours. You should paint more!” Wow, I was surprised, and yes I opened up for more information to be downloaded and painted.

And then, the clear vision in 2007 ,,, of creating my own ‘Tarot’ cards!
I never ever would have thought of doing something like this. But the vision was so clear, there where no doubts about it.
I began to work on the cards without having a concept. I just trusted and created the cards, which are a fusion of may paintings with superimposed photos, pictures and symbols. While I created them I always felt a loving presence. Later on I learned that the Ascended Masters are behind the cards, and especially St. Germain, weaving their energies into the cards.

Et voila, the deck containing 67 cards was created over a time period of several years. And from here it grew to what it is today.


Words cannot express what a help they have been to me as I travel on the Path. How wonderful that you followed your guidance and created them. God bless you! Love” Cathryn

THANK YOU very much again, and Congratulations for your Cards, which really are a Masterpiece.” Antonio Almazan – Spain

One look at the deck, and I just knew I had to have it. The illustrations are so otherworldly … the cards themselves are almost like a portal to anotHer dimension!” Jessica

“Love your cards, use them all the time and am able to tap into the energies. Love, love love them!” Andrea

I’ve personally experienced the power of her art and cards. All I can say is AMAZING!!” Howard Chait, Ausralia

The Divine is asked to come and speak to you – for more clarity, guidance and more.” channeled by Keeper Dearborn

“This is the most powerful deck of cards we have ever experienced … totally worth checking out. The channeled guidebook is super-potent and relevant to these times.” Kayden, Business owner, Maui

Just wanted to say how great your website looks AND how absolutely breathtaking your paintings are. I remember when you were first starting to paint these special works of ART…..Spirit is certainly weaving its Magic through you Dear One“. Katrice B. Vancouver

These are not ordinary tarot cards, each of them is a gateway…”  Kartron, a benevolent being, channeled by Patrick McCormick

I received the cards. I absolutely adore them. I just love them.” Tiffany, Florida

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