Awakening, Activation, Alignment and Healing Packages

Vibrational Medicine and an experience for your entire Being!
These various packages give you the opportunity to align yourself with specific frequencies, to activate and entrain and eventually to ‘heal’ on deeper levels. 

WHALE & DOLPHIN Vibrational Mist Package

Dolphin Joy Vibrational Light Mist
Whale Love Vibrational Light Mist 

Connect with the joy and aliveness of the Dolphins. Like the steady flow on waves, stable and awakened, knowing where they are going. Their essence is pure of heart. Allow for a different world to be felt and seen, as the Dolphins lead the way into a vibration of lightness and joy.

Connect with the peacefulness and grace of the Humpback Whales. Their love is bountiful and deep as the ocean. They support us in communicating clearly from our hearts and their affectionate ‘sounds’ are a unique love experience. 

Take the Dolphin Joy & Whale Love energy home with you!
Two 4 fl.oz. mist
~ $$24 each minus 10% = $44 plus free shipping within USA

“Feels peaceful and chill. It is expanding from the inside with outward spirals, making my space bigger. The Dolphin Joy and Whale Love Vibrational Mist’s can enhance each other.” Regina

“OMG! I see a whale diving through waves. I feel I am in the ocean swimming with whales.” D.T.C.

“Right away I feel the heart more. Feel more clarity and this one is more a higher chakra energy [then the Whale Love] and more playful. N.S.”

“Energy went into legs and then feet, maybe for grounding. Feels like I released some negativity in me.” Roberto

“Interesting. I put it on root chakra and 8th chakra [above head]  and I felt its stabilizing of my truth and self. I feel super grounded and in high vibration. 8th and root chakra are connected. Feeling joy  and on purpose. You can be in your true joy, divine and consciousness and yet do your work.” M.M.

ONENESS Alignment & Healing Activation Package

Oneness Vibrational Light Mist
Oneness Alignment Prints

This Oneness Symbol print is a replication of a painting of a high frequency being, which visited Sa’arah in a clear vision. This vibration has been transmitted so as to be absorbed within the prints. It has the ability to go deep into your DNA.

Therefore this could be used for Yourself or your Loved Ones as a self-treatment. You also could use it in a session setting for friends, or even in a professional manner as an addition.

It gives you the opportunity to attune more into a Oneness frequency. It has the potential to remove blockages so as to come deeper into yourself. Allow a deeper anchoring within and experience your transcendent nature on a profounder level.

Two ‘fabric transfer’ prints 8.5×11 & one 4 fl.oz. mist
~ $49 minus 10% = $44 plus free shipping within USA

The heart particles started to move. The whole body is buzzing and energy tingling inside. Something is opening up like expanding and moving some stagnant energies. One can go into a deep relaxed state.” Regina

The first time I put two prints on my front torso while laying down. I literally could feel movements within my spinal cord,,, like particles re-arranging ,,, with a deep relaxation.” Elea

“I dropped into a very relaxing state; warming, comforting and heart opening. When I looked at the image, it feels like two beings in Oneness, the masculine and the feminine side.”  D.N.

I feel safe, feel I can breath like it’s clearing out lungs. It is doing some kind of energy work, and maybe different for each individual. This could be very good in combination with the Oneness Mist.” Deva D.C.

ONE for  YOU and ONE for HIM
ONENESS Alignment & Healing  Activation Package

Oneness Vibrational Light Mist 2
Oneness Alignment Prints 

“I feel ecstatic and again the alignment [like the Oneness Mist]. The vibration comes up my nose into 3rd eye, activating my forehead as well as a heart activation. In the 2nd chakra I feel more space. It activates the kundalini in me and makes me feel like I am high. My ego and stories about me dissolve and I am more present right now. Powerful! I feel it penetrates my cell’s DNA.” N.S.

Two ‘fabric transfer’ prints 8.5×11 & two 4 fl.oz. mist
~ $73 minus 11% = $64 plus free shipping within USA

In the belly area the energy was going out, felt like a releasing. The heart chakra area was filling up with a warm light. After that, it became more balanced. I felt calmer and more relaxed, although it was subtle. But this happened just within a few minutes.” L.D.W.

EXPANDED ONENESS Alignment & Healing Activation Package

Oneness Vibrational Light Mist
Oneness Alignment Prints
Vetiver Essential Oil Mist
Sage Essential Oil Mist

“The symbol facilitates the space for healing. What ever the Light needs to do in that moment, that is what it did for me.  And tomorrow if I would work with it, it could do something totally different ,,, In this moment it gave me direct guidance of how to heal old energy and step inside of the witness. It was like an intuitive guide. Like this is whats during and this is the step you can take in order to clear that. This symbol is a healing tool for yourself and for healer to use.” M.M.

Two ‘fabric transfer’ prints 8.5×11 & three 4 fl.oz. mist
~ $79 minus 12% = $69 plus free shipping within USA

“Hi Sa’arah it’s Trava with the love for your sage mist. I am a massage therapist healer in California and can not find a product I love as much as I loved you’re product. “

” Grounding, felt immediate relaxing relief – the lightening of Spirit and awareness combined with relaxing feeling.” Noel


Sacred Awakening Card Deck
Dolphin Joy Vibrational Light Mist
Whale Love Vibrational Light Mist
Oneness Vibrational Light Mist
free Amethyst (small) 

Positive Affirmations ,,, Mystical ,,, a tool for Guidance, deeper Awareness and Love ,,,

These cards help to shift your awareness, are a tool for daily living, a source to connect with Higher Principles and to expand more into multi-dimensional awareness. A Higher Consciousness of unconditional Love and Oneness with your Self ,,,  and a tool for your life enhancement.

” These are Ascension Art ,,, Healing Art ,,, they have Light Codes ,,, and are sprinkled with Light ,,,”according to Theresa Monro – Teacher of the Rays of Light

“The Divine is asked to come and speak to you – for more clarity, guidance, and more. A new Consciousness is imbued within the cards.” channeled by KeeperDearborn

One card deck, three 4 fl.oz. mist & free Amethyst crystal
~ $105 minus 12% = $92 plus free shipping within USA


Sacred Awakening Card Deck
Dolphin Joy Vibrational Light Mist
Whale Love Vibrational Light Mist
Oneness Vibrational Light Mist
Oneness Alignment Prints (2)
Kauai Shell (small) free
Amethyst (small) free

The ultimate and all inclusive of what I have to offer in Products for your Remembering, Awakening, Alignment and ‘Healing’ ,,,

One card deck, two ‘fabric transfer’ prints 8.5×11, three 4 fl.oz. mist, Amethyst crystal (small) & Kauai shell (small)

~ $117 minus 13% = $99 plus free shipping within USA

925 Sterling Silver Chain 18” (45cm)  all for $29

14K Gold Filled Chain 18”  (45cm) – all for $39