AMAZON TESTIMONIALS – Sacred Awakening Card Deck

ByMary E. Gutierrez, PhDon May 26, 2015
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These cards are gorgeous! I love the imagery, colors are bright, and the collaged elements all work very well together. The cards have a black border so this makes the colors really “pop”. They look lovely when used on a black reading cloth. Readings are clear and very insightful straight out of the box. There are VERY few decks I can say that about. The guidebook presents short single-paragraph interpretations, but the images really do speak to me so I can often come up with a lot more than what the guidebook says & apply it to my situation. The cards work well for both predictive readings and guidance so can be used either way, at least in my opinion. Decks do tend to work differently for other people, though, so I can’t say they’d work this well for you, but am willing to bet they would. The cards have a lovely energy to them that I feel comes through via the symbols used as well as the artist’s personal energy. I would highly recommend this deck to those new to Oracle cards as well as seasoned professional readers such as myself.

ByLauraon June 18, 2015
Aloha and Thank You Sa’arah ! My friend and your’s Yogi ‘Airin”or Erin : )) shared her deck with me and I can’t wait to get my own. Just ordered. They are beautiful. Blessings from Kauai!- Laura

ByDonnaon August 3, 2014
Beautiful oracle cards with meaningful messages.

ByKelly A. Shookon October 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
beautiful cards!


“The Divine is asked to come and speak to you – for more clarity, guidance, and more. A new Consciousness is imbued within the cards.” channeled by KeeperDearborn

“They are awesome. The art work is amazing. So beautiful and the words are powerful truth. Thank you so much for sharing your special talent.” C.M.M.

“Beautiful in every way and so needed now. It carries such a high vibration.” M


TESTIMONIALS – Reading for Deeper Awareness

“Your cards are incredible … and you strike me as a reader who is not doing a regular card reading, but as a spiritual worker who is doing energetic work.” Medium Carole from Boston

“All during the reading with Sa’arah I could feel an invisible support and a deep listening coming from within. It gave me a great sense of courage. I knew I could move forward and act upon the information revealed to me. Her loving presence is a real gift.” Lynne, Denver CO

“I felt a vibration of the cards in my body right away. As Sa’arah was reading them, I recognized what she was saying for each card by itself but the truth wasn’t very comforting. I became aware of different parts of me, but they were all in different stages of clarity. As they moved through me and the reading was done, it brought them all into the same volume, into the same light… and all of a sudden it made total sense. At some point during the reading I felt a sharp pain, which I do have every so often, but this time it felt like a releasing.” Francesca, Sebastopol CA

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